Our Students

Uptown Midwives is a teaching practice and participates in the supervision and education of midwifery students,and from time-to-time, students from other health disciplines (medicine, naturopathy; chiropractic; EMT) We feel it is vitally important to educate new midwives as the demand for midwifery services increases, and to give students from other disciplines the opportunity to experience midwifery practice first-hand in the spirit of multidisciplinary, holistic care.

You will meet and get to know the students who are working in our practice. If a student is attending your birth, it will be someone you know and have already met as part of your team of midwives. Our students are involved in all aspects of midwifery care, including prenatal, labour and birth and post-part care with supervision dependent on their level of study.

The registered midwives in your team will always have the primary responsibility for your care. Your midwives will always ask if you are comfortable having students participating in your care prior to meeting them.



I am thrilled to be joining Uptown Midwives for my senior year. Prior to midwifery school, I worked in reproductive health, specifically birth control education and abortion counselling. My passion for midwifery is rooted in a commitment to providing dignified reproductive health care.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies from Trent University and a Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies from University of Toronto. I also completed a Bachelor of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. 

In my spare time, I enjoy trying new recipes, checking out new restaurants, and playing board games. I am originally from Taiwan and am fluent in Mandarin. I am excited to use my language skills to better support my clients. I look forward to working with you!