What our patients are saying...

It's all well and good for us to tell you how personable, professional and safe midwifery care is, but what do our patients have to say about their experiences? 


“I would like to give a special thanks to Karen and Gemma for caring for me throughout my first pregnancy journey ‘till little baby Claudio arrived. Also Rivky, who guided me during the labour and attended my emergency c-section. Uptown Midwives provided me with the best support and experience for my first pregnancy. I could not have asked for a better team. Thanks for sharing this milestone with us!! Keep being awesome!

- Maybelle Compuesto


Baby Haziza!

"The midwives here are amazing! The entire process from my first appointment to the care provided after birth was wonderful. Gemma is dedicated, knowledgable, and clearly very experienced. I always felt well cared for and in very capable hands. I had my first child with an OB and this was a much better experience. I recommend Uptown Midwives to anyone who is pregnant."

- Allison Haziza, M.A., Reg. CASLPO

Speech Language Pathologist

Baby ava!

“What I loved most about midwifery care was how personal it was. My midwives took their time at each appointment, made me feel comfortable, empowered me with knowledge and confidence to make decisions, and really eased my worries and fears.”

- Jennifer Mach



Baby stephen!

"We cannot express it enough how thankful we are to have had a home birth with Ildiko and Christi and we loved our experience. Grateful for the outcome!"

- Polina and Stas Radtchenko