Sarah's Birth Story

During my second pregnancy, I complained to a friend that I had to wait three hours to see my OB - who then sent her student in to see me after all that waiting! My friend, who had just used Uptown Midwives, said to me, “You need to use midwives, they are the best!” I did not take to the idea immediately; I did not know much about midwives and I thought their job was to assist women with natural home births. But I figured it couldn't hurt to look into it further, and I discovered I was COMPLETELY WRONG. Midwives are highly trained medical professionals who are experts in low risk pregnancies and do not only help with home births! After doing some research, I learned that midwives care for their patients during pregnancy, labour and delivery and up to six weeks postpartum. I decided to meet Gemma Greenberg at Uptown Midwives.


Pregnancy - I wasn’t so sure. But - wow! I fell in love with midwives!

During my first appointment, I felt assured that I was going to be taken care of by a competent, knowledgeable medical professional who was passionate about women, pregnancy, birth and everything else that comes with it. My appointments were always on time and long enough to discuss any concerns or issues that I had. Gemma was informative about all the testing during pregnancy, preparation for birth, and after. She was also available to me 24/7 for any emergencies or serious concerns. I did reach out to Gemma while I was pregnant after clinic hours and she supported me with patience, care and medical expertise. Gemma came out late at night to give me a Gravol injection when I was sick with a bad flu. She also met me at the hospital one evening in my eighth month to check that my waters were not leaking. Gemma was always gentle, understanding, positive, reassuring and encouraging. Very quickly, I connected with Gemma, I trusted her and was confident that she would take good care of me at my birth. And she did!

Labour and delivery - are you convinced yet? It gets better

My labour started slow but with very little pain. I was desperate and anxious to get to the hospital and so I met Gemma at North York General at 1 pm. I walked around for a while and at 2:45 my waters broke  and the contractions started to intensify. Within 15 minutes active labour began and I was barely managing the pain. Gemma and her student Rachel, coached me through every contraction with breathing techniques, labour positions and by holding my hand. They did not leave my side and were there to help me in any way that I needed. They believed in me. They were also constantly making sure that the baby was okay and maintaining a normal heartbeat. When I was ready to deliver, midwife Ildiko showed up on the scene to assist with the birth. Both Gemma, Rachel and Ildiko gently guided and encouraged me through this process. At 4:00 pm my 9.11 pound baby boy was born into Gemma’s hands and within seconds he was given to me to spend the first few moments of his life close to his Mommy. The midwives were so calm during these intense few hours which made the experience enjoyable and exciting!

Postpartum - I couldn’t believe it! Too good to be true!

After I delivered my baby, Gemma came twice to visit me at home. She checked that I was healing well physically and emotionally, while looking after the baby’s health as well. Gemma was still available to me 24/7 for any concerns I had about myself or the baby. By phone, I reached out for breastfeeding support which was super helpful and encouraging. At 2 weeks, 4 weeks and again at 6 weeks, I went to the clinic to see Gemma with the baby. I left the six week appointment feeling like I had the best experience ever! I felt great. Two days later I found myself in the first pool of tears since the birth. I couldn’t figure out why I was sad. It took me a few hours and I realized, hey, I miss Gemma! I couldn’t picture life without my midwife! I called the clinic and said, I need to speak with Gemma. And of course, like every other time I needed her, Gemma was there to support me.


My experience with uptown midwives was life-changing and empowering. What is so incredible about midwives is that they provide all-inclusive care. Your medical needs are met with a high level of expertise and you are emotionally supported throughout this vulnerable time.

As well, knowing that a midwife is there for you WHENEVER you need her is so reassuring. Birth is not scary when you have a midwife -  it becomes an unbelievably empowering experience. The only part of this experience that was hard for me was saying goodbye. Until next time!


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