It's Official!

RM Aynsley Donohue, part-time plumber and full-time baby-catcher.

RM Aynsley Donohue, part-time plumber and full-time baby-catcher.

We've finally moved into our new space at 3424 Bathurst St., just south of Wilson Ave!

And, yet, how does that saying go? "The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men often go awry." Just like Robert Burns predicted in his 1785 poem To a Mouse, no matter how well one plans and prepares, real life doesn't always proceed in such an orderly fashion. 

The same can be said for pregnancy, birth, and everything else in between. As we at Uptown Midwives continue to work diligently behind the scenes on our new clinic space, we are also keenly aware of how such significant transitions cause disruptions for everyone involved. That means unexpected rescheduling of appointments, extra home visits (when possible) and even the temporary use of privacy screens while we wait on the delivery of our (overdue) clinic room doors! 

But just like those temperamental postdates babies who refuse to come out (despite our best efforts) until they're good and ready, the wait will have been worthwhile. 

Our genuine thanks to all of you for your continued patience and grace during this exciting (and challenging!) time, as we continue to grow midwifery and improve access to midwifery services in our community. 

Rest assured we will do our utmost to limit the number of re-bookings and schedule changes to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

With gratitude, 

Aynsley, Carla, Christi, Gemma, Ildiko, Janaya, Karen, Rivky and Teri.